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TECH GURU IT SOLUTIONS  Server management service is the proactive maintenance of servers. Many companies have one or more server from the data center, where most data center do not provide managed service, even if the data center provide the managed services, that include only a few tasks, in most case data center takes responsibility to provide the server hardware, network, and OS.

For running any web application on the server, it required to set up the webserver software like apache, IIS, database software like MySQL, ms SQL, configure PHP,

when the server runs 24 x 7 to service the web application, it required day-to-day maintenance. we manage the server proactively to run the services and take responsibility for backup and restore your application in case of any disaster

We provide the best managed VPS server which is the best suited for your specific business use. We support Rich Media Website Hosting which supports your most dynamic media while handling traffic spikes with ease. Our E-commerce Website Hosting solutions support e-commerce, that is scalable, and designed for security. We provide the right infrastructure for your Application you can deliver a solid and reliable end-user experience.

Our server management covers the following thing


initial server setup, Control panel installation, and configuration, firewall installation and configuration, Software and script installation and configuration, Anti-spam and anti-virus installation, Mail server setup, MySQL server setup, DNS setup and configuration


Magneto E commerce Platform Setup, Configuration and Management, Joomla CMS Setup, Configuration and Management, WordPress CMS Setup, Configuration and Management, Microsoft Share Point Server Setup, Configuration and Management, Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Setup, Configuration and Management, Java Tomcat Server Setup Configuration and Management, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database Server Setup, Configuration and Management, Microsoft MS Exchange Server Setup, Configuration and Management

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