Philips In-Ear SHE7000/10 In-Ear Headphone (Black)

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Compact fit
With micro efficient speakers for strong bass and clear sound. An ultra-small in-ear design for compact fit, great for long hours of comfortable listening. Anti-tangle sliders, an ideal cable management to prevent cable tangling.

Small Efficient Speakers
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Enjoy quality sound
  • Small efficient speakers reproduce precise sound with bass
  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
Use them for longer
  • Ultra-small for snug comfy in-ear fit
  • 3 interchangeable rubber ear caps for optimal fit in all ear
Always ready to go
  • Anti-tangle slider
  • A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use
Ultra-small in-ear
For optimal fit in all ears

1.2m cable
The ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want.

Perfect in-ear seal
The Super-small speaker drivers fit comfortably inside the ear and thanks to the exceptionally snug fit the outside noise is sealed out for high-intensity listening experience.

Anti-tangle slider

Small efficient speakers
Small efficient speakers for in-ear headphones ensure an exact fit and deliver precise sound with powerful bass, ideal for your listening enjoyment.

Anti-tangle slider
When storing your headphones there is a risk that the cables tangle if not stored carefully. This makes it a hassle to store the headphones and get them ready for listening. Simply slide the anti-tangle slider towards the earpieces to keep the two earpiece cables neatly together, and to minimize the risk of the cables tangling.

Ultra-small in-ear
Ultra small, light weight in-ear design for best fit in smaller ears, for long hours listening.